2013 Marathon Training WEEK 3

June 24, 2013 — Leave a comment

Here is a recap of this week’s workouts:

Sunday 6/30/13 – 8 Miles Slow
Today was a pretty day. Hot, but a cooler north breeze made it tolerable. I waited to run until about 7:30 AM. The run felt good. I constantly had to pull back to keep it slow. Consistent splits. Took one GU and walk bread for one minute. Then a traffic wait later. This run basically felt good. Good end to a good week of hitting all the marks.

Saturday 6/29/13 – 6 Miles @ Marathon Pace
Today’s goal was pretty simple: Hold a 9:09 pace for 6 Miles. I was a little nervous about that for some reason, probably because I’ve been running 3 miles at pace for a couple of weeks. It turned out to be no problem. More often than not, I had to slow my pace to keep it at 9:09 per mile.

I have to remember not to let pace intimidate me at all. There’s always an option to stop or slow if absolutely necessary. If I had been unable to maintain pace today, my training would still go on and life would go on, and I would just try again next time.

It turned out to be a very routine run.



My soon-to-be stepdaughter organized a walk / fun run to raise money for West. I’m really proud of her. I participated in that after getting my mileage in this morning. It was 1.5 miles. She and her friend raised around $265 dollars doing that event.

Friday 6/28/13 REST!
I love sleeping in on Friday mornings (until 6:30). Today is my son’s 22’nd birthday.

Thursday 6/27/13 – 30 Minute Tempo Run
Didn’t go to boot camp this morning. Got up and had a little coffee and did this run. It went well. I compared it to the last two temp runs, and I improved in both overall pace and speed during the fast part of the run. I’m pleased with that. The middle portion of my run I was able to hold an average pace of 7:56. I am happy with that.

Tomorrow is a rest day. This weekend I will have a 6 mile pace run on Saturday and an 8 mile long on Sunday.

Wednesday 6/26/13 – 3 Miles
Today is easy 3 day – nothing spectacular. didn’t go to boot camp because Joel was using the car. So just got up, put on my running stuff and hit the street. Came back and made biscuits for breakfast. They were quite good. Might should have run a couple of extra miles…

Tuesday 6/25/13 – 800m repeats
Got up and went to boot camp first. Good day, and we were treated to sprints, which at boot camp can be anywhere from 0.3 to 0.5 miles depending on the starting line. Today was about 0.4 miles, or 643.7376 meters. So let’s just call them 600m repeats. Only had to do 2. My times were 2:44 and 2:38. Felt good about that.

My running workout today was 800m X 4, with 400 meter walk/jog recovery before, after and between. I chose to do these in the gym on the treadmill. Main reason was I didn’t have easy access to a track and I wanted to precisely measure. I do realize that treadmill running and street running are different things. I tried to compensate a bit by increasing the incline. I think treadmill workouts have value. I wouldn’t want every run to be done on a treadmill, but occasionally I think the different surface and rhythm is valuable.

At any rate, I increased speed and incline on each successive lap. I started at 8:00 per mile and sped up from there. If I remember right the mph settings were: 7.5, 7.8, 7.9, 8.1 with an increase on the final 300 or so meters to the finish. I was sweating like crazy and doing my 2:1 breathing. It felt good to stretch it out a bit. The gym and the treadmill was a nice change of pace.

I really want to do my next set on a track with someone timing me. I can feel that that the speed work I’ve done at boot camp is paying off.

Monday 6/24/13 – 3 Miles
Woke up in time for boot camp, but I was tired and my schedule felt compressed this morning so I slept and extra hour and just took my 3 miler around 6:45 AM. Felt cooler than usual. Took it easy with a little push in the last couple of tenths. Tomorrow is 800’s day. Fun fun fun, right?

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