2013 Marathon Training – WEEK 4

July 1, 2013 — Leave a comment

Here is a recap of my workouts in this 4th week of training:

Sunday 7/7/13 – Long Slow Distance – 13+ Miles
This was a tough run. Digestion issues plagued me starting in about mile 3. I determined to make it to the Main Street McDonalds, which was about mile 9. Had to stop several times and concentrate. During the last part of the run, I got pretty hot. Legs did OK. But it is done!

That gives me 29.9 miles for the week, not including my hill workout from Tuesday. That completes week 4!

Saturday 7/6/13 = 35 Minute Tempo Run
This run went well. I managed to get to a pretty quick pace by the 2/3 point.

Friday 7/5/13 – REST DAY!

Thursday 7/4/13 – 6 Miles @ Pace
Switched this week’s schedule around a bit to participate in the Liberty 10K in The Colony, TX. This was to be Saturday’s run. On Saturday, I’ll do the 35 minute tempo run that was on the schedule for today. This is my best recorded 5K. 55:44, or a pace of 8:59. Of course, my Garmin shows a longer distance of 6.36 miles. No biggie. Here is my results page. Finished in the top half of my age group and overall, but just below half in gender. Still felt good about it. The pace was to be 9:09. I actually ran (on the Garmin) 8:47 average. 942081_10201460943191189_725414979_nMarla came with me and ran the 5K. She had a good morning, and it was fun to do an event together.

Wednesday 7/3/13 – 3 Miles
Went to boot camp this morning and there was some sprinting. Clayre ran with me after that. Just an out and back down and up MacArthur from her apartment. It was cool again this morning. Ran faster than plan, but didn’t feel like we were pushing. 9:04 overall pace. Tomorrow is a 10K at race pace (or better). It is the Liberty 10K in The Colony.

Tuesday 7/2/13 – Hill Workout
Went to boot camp and then over to Clayre’s for hill workout. She has a nice one, just about 400m very close to her apartment. The work out was 4 times up the hill with a walk or jog down. It was hard, but I got it done.

Monday 7/1/13 – 3 Miles Easy
What a blessing to have temps in the 60’s on this first morning of July! I was still pretty warm by the time I was done, but I did not have to towel off over and over when I got back home. Routine 3-miler with negative splits. Didn’t push and only looked at my watch when it beeped. Start to a good week!

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