2013 Marathon Training – WEEK 5

July 8, 2013 — 3 Comments

Here is the recap for my training for the Fall Marathons:

Sunday 7/14/13 – 14 Miles
Interesting morning. I wanted to start early, so I woke up around 4 and got ready to head out just after 5 AM. The moment I walked out the door, I saw lightning. Dang. I’m not comfortable running in that. Rain I don’t mind. Lightning is a no for me. So I went back in and got on the treadmill in the workout room. Somehow, doing 14 treadmill miles bummed me out. I did 4 miles and then noticed that the storms had started moving west of us, and there looked to be a pretty good gap. So I decided to try for 10 outside.

Got rained on lightly for a bit, which felt nice. Certainly couldn’t complain about the heat today. What a break! I think it only got up into the mid 70’s today with plenty of cloud cover and a some pretty good rain. What an awesome thing to have in the middle of July. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same way.

So a rough count of miles this week is around 31. Not too bad. Note – I did skip one running workout.

Next week, I have to adjust because I am going out of town. Therefore, I’m moving my rest day to Sunday, and I’ll do my long (10 miles) on Saturday before I head out of town. And the week after that…wow…that my friends is the weekend I’m getting married. More on that later.

Saturday 7/13/13 – 7 Miles
Pretty routine. Sweaty. Took a 2-minute walk break a little over halfway through. Only pushed at the end. Worked on form and breathing, as usual. With music. Heard some tunes today I haven’t heard in a while, including Gungor’s We Will Run, one of my favorites. 14 tomorrow morning…may be dodging storms.

Friday 7/12/13 – 3 Miles @ Pace
Honestly, I really wanted another day off today. But I talked myself through it and got up and ran. Marathon pace is 9:09. Did this in 9:07 average. But I had to fight for it just a bit as the first mile was a little slow. But I got there. I’ve got to execute my weekend runs perfectly. I am going to hit both of them very early in the day. Tomorrow 7 miles and Sunday 14 miles.

Thursday 7/11/13 – Rest Day
Switched my rest day from Friday to today.

Wednesday 7/10/13Boot Camp
Went to boot camp this morning. It was good. We did speed work, and I got just about 2 miles in that process. I was sore and hurting through all of it, so I elected to not do my 3 mile run this morning. I will do the pace run tomorrow.

Tuesday 7/9/13 – 35 Minute Tempo Run
Went to boot camp in the morning, and needed to get my day started early, so I didn’t have time for this run as well. So I went to the gym in the late afternoon. It was way too hot outside for this workout. Treadmill isn’t the same, but I did my best simulation. Lots of sweat. Pretty good effort.

Monday 7/8/13 – 3 Miles
Pretty routine run, except my legs were still a bit tired from yesterday’s 13 miler. Specifically, my right hamstring. Transportation issues this morning meant no boot camp for me. Slept the extra hour and went to run about 6:30. This is a 30+ week. Looking forward to running through it.


Hair sweat annoyed me this morning, so I decided to cut even shorter for the hotter weather. Really need and extra mirror…as you can see. Got Lyla to clean it all up in the back for me. Thankful for a daughter who won’t let me leave the house looking like that.

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    If ever you have transportation issues to Bootcamp, holler at me and Joel – one of us might be able to take you! 🙂


    PS – i just friended you on GarminConnect… DLeiby1

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