It’s Happened Again…

October 20, 2013 — 1 Comment

I’ve totally fallen off the blogging wagon. 

No excuses. I’m just lame. 

But here is what has been going on. 

For one, I got married this summer, right in the middle of marathon training. 

I moved. 

I ran my 9th marathon, and 4th Chicago Marathon. 

Training was really hard this summer. Adjusting from single life to married and blended family life and moving took a little more energy than I had perhaps budgeted. Every bit of it was a joy, though. One thing I stopped doing for a while was updating this blog. It isn’t very well read, so I don’t think this really impacted anyone’s world too severely. 

However, for the few of you who follow this, I apologize. I’ll make an effort to do better. 

What’s left this year? Well, the New York City Marathon is two weeks from today. I NEED FUNDRAISING HELP!  PLEASE!

Then the first week of December is the California International Marathon. That’s it for this year! 



One response to It’s Happened Again…


    Woah Greggo! That’s a lot of things going on. Congrats on the wedding (I’m ashamed to admit I’m finding about that through this) and the marathoning!

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