Marathon Training Update

June 1, 2014 — Leave a comment

Yesterday, I completed the second week of marathon training with my Luke’s Fit group. 

Overall, I’m feeling great about it. Our Luke’s Locker is new, and so this is its inaugural marathon training program. So far, my group has 4 participants and about the same number of available coaches. While I wish the group was a little larger, it is pretty great to have near individualized coaching. I am so happy that I signed up for this group. 

It was an immediate up in mileage for me, which was an initial concern. But I figured that since I have been running steadily for nearly 5 years now that it would be OK to dive in even after a 4 month break. I found out that I could do more than I thought I could, and so far I am keeping up. 

What was really difficult for me starting back up into running again was the struggle of trying to be my own accountability and training in isolation. With this program, for 1/2 of my training runs, I have teammates waiting on me. That motivation moves me. In addition to that, I’ve been able to have some individualized attention. On the long run this week, one of the coaches stayed with me every step of the way, watching the clock, reminding me of what I needed to remember and encouraging me. That made a huge difference in the run. 

This week, we start adding some fitness moves into a couple of the runs and we start more speed work – this week in the form of tempo runs. I’m looking forward to that challenge. 

We have many weeks and many miles to go, but things are looking up. I am enjoying being more passionate about a running lifestyle. I’ll keep you updated.

This week here is the schedule:

Sunday 4 miles easy (done)
Monday & Thursday prep work plus 4 miles including 10 minutes tempo
Tuesday 3 miles
Wednesday 6 miles
Friday off
Saturday 7 miles with 2 or 3 @ marathon pace


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