Marathon Training – Week 3 Recap

June 9, 2014 — Leave a comment

28 Miles

I feel like I made some progress in a couple of areas. First off, a few pounds left me. That was good. Secondly, this was the week that we started speed workouts in the form of tempo runs. We had two of these runs, and my second one was in improvement over the first one. Improving numbers are motivating to me. 

Low points included the 3-miler that we did at 7 PM…I just don’t care for late day running. We were supposed to get a taco and a margarita from The Blue Goose after this run. But I thought that if I saw a taco or a margarita after this run that I would throw up. 

Saturday’s group run was good. Hilly. 7 miles. Ran about at the pace I needed to. The scenery was really nice where we ran (Copper Canyon). 

Week 4 was to start with a 4 mile run yesterday…didn’t happen. We woke up to thunderstorms and then the day deteriorated and there just wasn’t time. This morning’s ATP workout was cancelled right before it started as well – thunderstorms rolling through. I made up for a little more than today’s miles with a 6 mile run at lunch time. Here is the rest of the week:

Tuesday – 3 miles easy
Wednesday – 6 miles easy
Thursday – Prep work, then 5 miles with 12 minutes tempo
Saturday – 8 miles with 2 of the miles at marathon pace

Feeling good so far this week. I don’t like the disruptions, but I remember to be flexible and let everything work together. 

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