Marathon Training Update – Through Week 7

July 6, 2014 — Leave a comment


Flexibility with the schedule..

Had to travel last week, which brought the opportunity to run in two locations other than home: Greenville, SC and Columbia, SC. Both were routine 4 mile runs, but there is something exciting about running in new locations.


I have learned that the only way to work out consistently through travel times is to plan ahead. It’s pretty easy to find decent places to run if I plan to do it before arriving. In both cases, I scouted out areas close to where I was staying that would work. I planned the running into my schedule.

The only workout that didn’t work out was the speed and strength work that I had to do at the hotel. I got to the treadmill and got part of it done, but I was tired and not feeling very well. Consequently, I didn’t get all the way through the workout.

My speed workouts, however, are getting better in general. Marathon pace, tempo and track workouts are tough, but for the most part I’ve been successfully slugging it out.

This weekend, we had a 9 mile run (hilly in the middle), and when I got through with it, I realized that I’ve improved overall. I mean that I got done and the higher mileage didn’t seem like much. That is significant to me…and timely, because we will be in double digits for our long runs from now on.

This week, we’ve got two speed workouts (Monday / Thursday), 3 low mileage easy runs and a 12-mile run on Saturday. I will be traveling the next 3 or 4 weekends for at least part of the weekend, so it is time to get the plan together.

I’m getting pumped about Chicago.


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