Five-Day Discipline

August 20, 2017 — Leave a comment
Last week’s five days of waking up by or before 5 AM was a success. It reminded me that I am most present, productive, and hopeful when I get up early.
I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. Waking up early used to be my routine; my normal. I am not going to go into all of this in detail at this time, but I have allowed the various trials of the last 14 months or so push me further away from things that are important and that really matter. I’ve been down about it. I’ve been embarrassed about it. The slide started before last summer, clearly. But the harsh realities of very difficult situations afforded me the opportunity to disconnect from important things. More detail later, as I gain the ability to articulate these things more openly and less emotionally.
As I began to contemplate how much work there was to be done, I would become easily overwhelmed. I shared these things in counseling, and with some close to me. When I chose getting up early as a five-day discipline, I knew by Day 2 that getting up early was a key that was unlocking a door. For the first time in months, I felt truly hopeful. I recognized that if I could achieve this very small goal for such a short time, that I could relearn how to build upon it.
I got excited about the future. And that felt really good. None of the circumstances weighing on us right now changed at all. We still have very full plates, and much of what we get to face daily is difficult. But my outlook is different.
So, I’d say that getting up early is a keeper. It’s important to me, and even when it is hard, it’s worth it. For me, anyway. I’m not saying everyone needs to do that. I’m saying that I need to. It’s what truly works best for me. I now need to consider what I will add to this routine in order to come back to health.
I am not saying, things like “I’ll work out an hour a day forever,” or “I’m going to run several more marathons,” or “I’m going to eat in the most disciplined way ever, every day.” What I am saying is that I see the foundation again. I’ve touched it. And I am excited, for the first time in many months, to build upon it.
Short commitments to experiment with what will work for me. That is what I’m coming to understand part of the beauty of the five-day discipline to be. Many thanks to my brilliant son-in-law, Daniel Turner, for introducing me to this. It has been a fun adventure so far.

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