Marathon Training 2018 – Week 4 (of 26)

May 7, 2018 — Leave a comment

I’m feeling pretty good overall about where I am currently in the process. I’m feeling healthy, strong, encouraged, determined, and optimistic about this training. That said, I wrestle daily with the two emotional blocks to success: I’m still over my running weight (although I am 3 pounds down this week), and I’m slow (though that is intentional and the pace is NOT a factor in this part of the training). The battle is in staying focused on the first list while creating a new reality on weight and pace. The fact is I’ve come a long way in four months. And I’m doing this.

So, here is the report on our long run Sunday. It went well. We covered 9 miles with 10 hill repeats. It was getting fairly warm by the time we got to the hill repeats, but I think we did well on them. We were very consistent with the times. We took an extended walk break halfway through them. We kept the clock running the whole time. We then finished out the rest of the mileage. Steve forgot to use Glide…so…OUCH. Very bad idea. I bet he won’t forget again.

We were able to do negative splits in the second half, which is usually an indication that enough energy was reserved in the first half. I wish I had turned on to this earlier. It is a good feeling to finish a distance run feeling like I could go on.

As for the early part of the week, I was traveling on Monday, so I missed CG, but got my runs in on Tuesday and Wednesday. CG on Thursday and then missed my Friday run as a result of staying out and up WAY too late Thursday night. CG on Saturday and the long run on Sunday.

After my nice run on Sunday, I managed to cut the tip of my right index finger off…trip to the ER…pain blood, gross…Now I have a funky bandage on for the 7 stitches I got to re-attach the tip of the finger. Call me Frankenfinger. I’m afraid my hand modeling days are over.


OUCH! Frankenfinger

Looking forward to a good week of training this week that started with a good CG workout this morning.



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