Marathon Training 2018 – Week 6 (of 26)

May 21, 2018 — Leave a comment

Week 6 went well. Four runs, two cross-training workouts (CG), and a day of rest. That day was helpful since I had a pretty bad toe blister problem on the long run. img_3496At any rate, this week was all about our first double-digit run (11 miles) of this training cycle. I wouldn’t exactly say it was a breeze – it got pretty warm, my pinky toes were killing me, and I noticed the uptick in the mileage.

Earlier in the week, we had two runs of 45-50 minutes, and one run of 25-35 minutes. Our pace per mile has been gradually coming down, though it is of zero concern at this point. Running naturally, we’re in the 11:15-11:45 per mile zone. On long runs, we intentionally slow the pace down to 1.5-2 minutes slower than that. img_3486So with this run averaging 13.0 per mile, we’re right in the proper training zone. I anticipate that the natural per-mile pace will continue to improve, though, as I have stated, it is not a factor. Successfully covering the miles is the one and only goal. 

Since our water bottles are good for about 6-8 miles, I left early on our long-run day and dropped a thermos of Nuun water in a park that I knew we would hit around mile six. Conveniently, that particular park also has a real restroom. Both of us needed that!

The 9th and 11th miles were the hardest for me mentally. I just got to the point where I wanted to be done. I had to talk myself off that ledge a couple of times. Plus my toes were on fire! I knew they were being rubbed raw. I will spare you the post-run picture. But it will take a little time for the new skin to develop properly.

My best feel-good accomplishment this week was that my weight loss was more rapid. I’m starting to feel better. Down a shirt size. I have more energy. I’m feeling good about continuing with the very few principles that I’m following. Basically, waiting until I’m hungry to eat, eating slowly enough to notice when I’m full, and stopping there. Doesn’t really seem like that is hard work, but for me, it is. More on that later.

img_3488I got to dog sit my daughter’s extremely affectionate dog, Leo, this weekend. He was really happy that his Paw Paw returned from a run all salty.

Next week, we have a shorter, 5-mile run on the weekend. Looking forward to a decent week of training. Please give to support my effort to raise $3,000 for clean water projects in Africa. A mere $50 will provide clean water for life for one person.img_3484 Please give! Follow this link to my fundraising page.

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