Marathon Training 2018 – Week 10 (of 26)

June 24, 2018 — Leave a comment

Rather than combine two weeks into one, I’m going to post back to back. These were fairly significant weeks.

Week 10 was routine, but it included the new distance of 15 miles! We ran on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, with our long run on Sunday. We also completed three cross-training workouts with Camp Gladiator. On Wednesday, we did the GC camp for an hour, followed by 35 minutes of running. This was a new feature of our training. It was tough, but we got it done in an effort to increase our cross-training sessions.

I saw some improvements in my work at CG this week. I think the consistency is paying off. In addition to this, I started a 30-day, 100-squat challenge on Sunday, June 10. I committed to doing 100 squats per day for the 30 days. I could feel some extra strength where I needed it, even in my running (and getting up and down in and out of chairs).

IMG_3664We weren’t as lucky with the weather on this long run as we were on our 13-miler. We started at 5 AM, and by 7 AM, the sun was out, the humidity was up, the wind was calm, and the temperature climbed. What you see on the app is the starting temperature. This began to really affect us around mile 11 or so, though our split times don’t really show it. During the last mile, we extended a couple of walk breaks and stopped twice to let a lady who was watering her lawn completely hose us down. Unfortunately, we were already drenched, so our clothes became more heavy, and the last remnants of Body Glide disappeared from where I needed it most. I’ll spare you the gory details. IMG_3665

However, we finished on our feet, and that’s always a victory! I went inside and took a cold shower before heading out to pick up the thermos and make the now traditional Sunday Einstein’s run. When I came back out to get in the car after my shower, it was…cloudy and a little more windy. Of course!

This day was Father’s Day. My family treated me to being kind to one another for most of the day, and they took me to and tolerated my annual Long John Silvers meal. Yes, only once per year. I’ve somehow never lost my taste for those diamond-shaped filets (?). I kept it in the 800-calorie range, and enjoyed seeing most of my kids and all my grandkids.

The squats were a little harder and slower, but I got them all done!

This was a good week. Not even halfway through training yet, and feeling strong. I don’t dread getting up to work out or run. I’m feeling much more healthy and alive than I was at this time last year. Though the upcoming marathon still intimidates me a bit, I’m choosing to trust the process and enjoy the journey. Really. It’s not always easy. But it is worth it.

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