Two Mid-Week Runs

February 20, 2020 — Leave a comment

Here is my routine during base maintenance:

Weekly miles = 20-30
Run Tuesday, Thursday and long on Sunday. This week, that means Tuesday 4+, Thursday 6+, Sunday 12.

In April, as marathon training begins, I will go to Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. My cross-training (Camp Gladiator) will then go to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with Saturday being a rest day. Fridays will then also incorporate track and hill workouts. My yoga routine will remain every other day, or about 100 minutes weekly. This week, here are my Tuesday and Thursday results:

I can’t really say what the difference was in the slower time on Thursday. I will say that when I started, I felt more sluggish than I did on Tuesday. I’m not really running for time at this point – this is certainly not speed work – but I am shooting for some consistency with some negative splits. For the most part, on both runs, I had that. Both of these runs were a 9:1 run:walk ratio. Both days were windy.

Sunday, I’ll set out on a 12+ mile run with slow discipline and a 5:1 ratio.

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